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Agents, Don’t Let Your Clients Settle For Anything Less than Settlers Life!

Agents, don’t let your clients settle for anything less than Settlers Life! Give them the benefit of a Settlers Life Policy while giving yourself the benefit of agent support & incentives.  Settlers Life offers: Permanent policies with lifetime coverage Level

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New Webinar Series: Post AEP Endurance Training: Build Your Focus, Strength & Stamina!

Don’t let AEP be the end of your sales- train for the long haul with our 3-part February webinar series!  Click on the links below to register! Post AEP Endurance Training Schedule: Part 1:  Post AEP Strategies & Selling MA

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Mississippi, Brand New Medicare Supplement Product Released Today!

Hit it out of the park with this brand new medicare supplement product! Top commissions Average 4 day app turnaround time Full commission on all ages! App status email alerts Online E-app for your application submissions A member of the

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5 Things That Can Make You Come Across Rude Without Even Knowing It

“It’s the little things!”  Seems so simple, but there is so much truth in that tiny statement.  We all have mannerisms and habits in the way we interact with others, and we have also all found a way to offend

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COMING SOON! Webinar Series: Post AEP Sales Strategies

Coming to you in February, EIS is offering an exclusive Post AEP Sales Strategies Webinar Series!  Join us at 10:00 a.m. central time the first 3 Wednesdays in February to learn some helpful strategies on how to keep the sales

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Lose Your Ego, Gain Your Greatness

In today’s society, it’s all about “me”.  It’s arguable there has never been a time where entitlement, individualism, and egocentrism have been more dominant.  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?  Wrong. First, let me emphasize, there is a

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Aetna Bids Farewell to AHIP

The past six months have not been the best for AHIP as Aetna announces they will not renew their membership for 2016, making this the second large insurer to part ways with the political association.  UnitedHealth decided to leave the

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CMS Opioid Monitoring System Successful in Part D Recipients

63% of Americans admit they have used an opioid and over a third of them within the past three years.  Medical experts have declared a public health crisis over the abuse of opioid prescription drugs and heroin with upwards of 74%

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The Sky is the Limit with this $100 per App Bonus!

Nothing is out of range with this extended $100 per app bonus! Set your own limit when you issue 3 Manhattan Life Med Supp plans PER MONTH Sept.1- March 31st! $100 for EACH underwritten case $25 for EACH non-underwritten case*

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