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Is Your Client Worn Out? Know When to Walk Away

It’s been proven that those with a higher level of emotional intelligence do better in sales.  So what does that mean?  It means that when you are able to pick up on cues- both verbal and nonverbal-indicating how your client feels and

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We’re in the AEP Final Countdown!

This is it… we’re here!  Today is the last day of AEP, so make sure you get your final applications in tonight by 11:59 P.M.

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Plans N and G Enrollment Expected to Rise as 2020 Nears

Plan F has dominated the medicare supplement market for years, but with the upcoming changes scheduled to take place in 2020 eliminating first-dollar coverage, plan popularity is changing.  The NAIC recently established the Senior Issues Task Force, a Medigap Subgroup,

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Finish this AEP with a BANG!

Only one more week to go!  Don’t forget these important tips to finish with a bang! Follow Up with Clients Look Over Your Notes Check on Your Apps GET YOUR APPS IN! December 7th is the last day!  Call 800.777.9322

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