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Some Grandfathered Pre-ACA Plans Discontinued 2016

Some grandfathered pre-ACA plans will be discontinued in 2016.  Plans that were grandfathered prior to the Affordable Care Act will be forced to make changes to adhere to the Essential Health Benefits established by the government or be cancelled.  Grandfathered

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Congress Releases Budget Plan Preventing Part B Increases

Just before midnight last night Monday, October 26th, Congress released a “discussion draft” that would amend the budget until September of 2017.  The draft includes a section addressing the 52% increase to Medicare Part B premiums and deductibles that were

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2016 ACA First Looks Now Available!

Secret Agent ACA has smuggled in the First Looks…   don’t let him get away without seeing the stash!  See plan benefits by state and county- we will continue to post new ones as they become available to us. Click

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Boost Your Motivation with These 6 Tips

Motivation is a huge part of success in sales, but keeping it at a high level can be more challenging than it seems.  Not every appointment or call goes well or as planned and it’s easy to get discouraged or

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Quote & Compare with Our Free MA Quote Engine!

Are you helping your clients find the best plan for them?  Our free Medicare Advantage quote engine helps you find the most competitive plans by area!  It includes: Brand New 2016 Medicare Advantage Data Easy to View & Compare Layout

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Part D Cost Increases to Premiums & Deductibles in 2016

Medicare Part D plans have experienced a reduction of variety and a raise of premiums over the past few years.  Only 26 plans are being offered in 2016 compared to 55 in 2007.  Availability does vary by state, so some

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Who Ya Gonna Call? AEP Busters!

It’s T-minus 2 days and counting…  and AEP is here!  Yes, it’s a crazy time in our industry and a multitude of questions and problems can arise, but who ya gonna call when you need a hand?  The AEP Busters,

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When All Else Fails… Refer to the Golden Rule

You can spend a lot of time researching different ways to improve your sales- the internet is flooded with resources, articles, and newsletters.  Scores upon scores of books have been written full of “secrets” and “tricks of the trade”.  There

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What is the “Cadillac Tax”? Simple Q&A

If you keep up with insurance industry  news, you are sure to have seen “Cadillac Tax” articles and information coming into your inbox and on your social media news feeds; and if you’re like me, you’re wondering “What in the

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AEP Begins Today! Eldercare Insurance Services Announces Extended Hours

Today is the big day- AEP begins!  You can market your plans beginning today, October 1st, but remember:  no applications until October 15th.  Be sure to review the Medicare Marketing Guidelines to make sure you are in compliance with all

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