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Stereotyping Today’s Seniors Won’t Get You the Sale

Seniors today are increasingly diminishing the image of Grandma and Grandpa rocking the days away in their chairs- so walking into a meeting with that preconceived notion could very easily lose a sale. Seniors are the healthiest they’ve ever been

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Knock Out Your Competition with this New Medicare Supplement Product!

Complete your portfolio with this Heavyweight Contender!   Greek Catholic Union is a reputable company with many positive selling points, including: Upper-Cut Commissions 7% Household Discount (only 1 applicant must apply) In business since 1892 No E&O Requirements Tele-App & E-App

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Insurance Industry Jobs Show Record Growth in 2015

Insurance is “now hiring” in 2015; a sample survey shows that the unemployment rate for the industry is at its lowest rate of 2.3% since 2006. An estimated 22,500 jobs are expected to be filled, and 95% of companies intend

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Did You Miss our Wal-Mart Opportunity Webinar Last Week?

Our webinar last week about our Wal-Mart opportunity was a huge success!  Did you attend?  You don’t want to miss out on this chance to add thousands of dollars to your yearly income.  Watch the video below to learn the

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Tour Your Eldercare Incentive Points Shopping Mall!

Did you know if you are contracted with Eldercare you get incentive points for every piece of business you write with us?  From sporting items, tools, and electronics by Garmin and Apple to designer items by Gucci and Tag Heuer

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Webinar this Wednesday, May 13th! Join us for this Opportunity to Sell in Wal-Mart Stores!

Please join us for this opportunity to sell ACA, Medicare Advantage, Med Supps, and Prescription Drug Plans in high-traffic Wal-Mart stores!  This is a great way to gain exposure and talk to customers about their Medicare needs.  We are offering

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Want to Add Thousands of Dollars to Your Income? Contract to Sell ACA Now Through Eldercare!

We are proud to announce that we are adding ACA to our portfolio of products to sell this year! You trust us with your Med Supp, Final Expense, Medicare Advantage, and all of your other insurance business- now you can

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Settlers Life Conference Week Bonus Program

Settlers Life is offering a Conference Week Bonus program for the 2016  “Dream it, Do it” conference in Disney World!  Submit applications between May 4th and May 15th to get a Conference Week Bonus Credit to go towards your annual

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Are You Bold Enough to Tackle the Tough?

If sales were easy, everyone would be doing it. Every day you face new clients with new situations- which all come with new challenges. As your prospects explain their circumstances and needs, an obvious obstacle or two is likely to

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