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UnitedHealthcare® Certification Courses

Certification Courses Begin July 1st Start planning today and take advantage of this opportunity to complete your 2015 certification by making sure that your licenses and appointments are in order on the UnitedHealthcare Distribution Portal. More information will be available soon.

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The 2015 AHIP certifications to begin

It’s that time of the year again. The 2015 AHIP certifications are going to be made available starting 6/23. Are you ready? Do you have all the carriers you need to have a successful OEP? Check out a list of

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Medicare Advantage Members Move Toward Higher Star Rated Plans

This article comes from Forbes. Something interesting, in 2011 only 24% of Medicare advantage members were in 4 star or higher rated plans. In 2014, that percentage is up to 53%.  As lower star rated plans are terminated by the health

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CMS Releases Final 2015 Medicare Advantage (MA) and Part D (PDP) Broker Commissions

Looks like the initial commission rates for Medicare advantage are reducing across all states. The Prescription drug commissions (PDP) are holding steady for another year. Here is a summary of the commissions by state which are the MAXIMUM CMS will

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